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           Divyaveda Liver  Rakshak Kit is an Unique & Strongest formulations with Proven Results for complete Herbal care of Liver, It is very useful in Hepatic Disorders like Jaundice, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis, Heart Burn, Loss of Appetite etc, it Helps Liver to function Properly and Promote Proper Growth of body. It protects Liver From bad effect of Alcohol so that Liver can work Properly.

         In this Modern Era, we are surrounded by many Social Problems like Alcoholism, Drug Toxicity, Injudicious use of Topical applications, they may lead extra Pressure on Liver and can Deadly Damage our Liver. So liver need Detoxification & Some Support from our side otherwise Problems of Liver may damage our Entire Life.  


Divyaveda Liver Rakshak Kit Contains:
* (A) Livesta Strong Sy for Complete care of Liver, as liver is an important part of Digestive System, it need Extra care. Livesta Strong Sy Contains Kalmegh, Bhumiawla, Punarnawa, Giloy, Sauf,   Makoy, Kutki, Pipalimool etc to cure hepatic Disorders.
Detoxify Liver, helps proper working of Digestive System,
- It works by balancing Pitta and promoting Bile flow. 
- Cares Liver against Infections, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis,
-  Cures Loss of Appetite, Heart burns,  Improves Digestion & Growth        
* (B) Livesta Strong Capsules is an Unique & Trusted Products for Liver care, it Cures Fatty Liver, Repairs Damage Liver cells due to consumption of Alcohol, Cures Jaundice, Hepatitis, Hepatic Disorders etc.   
- Insures proper and smooth working of Liver Cells,  
- Strong protection against Infectious Diseases.   
- Fights against Infections, cures Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis
- Assures a Long protection for Liver  
- Improves Appetite, Digestion and overall Health.
(C) Gastroamrit Capsules- is an unique and balanced combination of time tested herbs like Aawla, Harad, Bahera, Ajwain, Pudina,  Sonth, Sounf, Pipal, Chitrak, Hauber etc, which makes Gastroamrit a 100% Result Oriented Product
- Pure Herbal Formulations for strong Digestive  system
- Cure Gas. Acidity, Indigestion, Constipation, Loss of appetite, Chest Burn etc.


Dosage ( How to Use):

Livesta Strong Sy- 1 Tea spoon Twice a Day.

Livesta Strong Capsules – 1 Caps Twice a Day with Water

Gastroamrit Capsules- 1 Caps Once a Day with Water. 

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good product it works very well for liver's issue

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