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      Divyaveda’s Power Booster Kit for Women is a Unique Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement for Ultimate Pleasure, Stamina & Energy , contains various precious Natural Minerals & Herbs like Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Manjuphal, Ashok, Lodhra, SwarnVang, etc. A Unique Health Supplement recommended by Doctors for Regular use, it Enhance Stamina & Energy for a Healthy & Happy Married Life.
          It all helps to Increase Physical Desire, Enhances Intercourse Pleasure, Treats Lethargicness and Boost Energy level.
 - Removes Physical and Mental Exhaustion, Enhances Stamina, Enthusiasm & Physical Relation pleasure in women of any age.
 - Very useful in Stressful Conditions, Removes fatigue and helps to Energies and Build up Stamina & Confidence, and Enhances interest in Physical relation.
 - Has Essential Elements like Al, Co, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mg. etc., which Plays vital Role in our Body for Increasing Memory, Vigor and Vitality.
 - Improves Reproductive Organ’s Wellness, Treats Infertility.
 - Restores overall Wellness for Complete Female Health & Beauty
 - Slows Premature Ageing, Boost Energy in Women of any age.
 - Stimulates Hormones to Regulate Menstrual Cycle,
 - Corrects Hormonal Imbalance, Dysmenorrheal Problems  etc.

 - Supports Ovulation and enhances Quality and Quantity of Ova. 
 * An Unique Ayurvedic supplement contains Precious & Effective Herbs for the Experience of Ultimate Pleasure of Married life*   भरोसेमंद आयुर्वेदिक औषधियों का मिश्रण जो महिलाओं में भरपूर उर्जाजोश और स्फूर्ति बढाये


 Divyaveda's Power Booster Kit for Women Contains:

  * ( A) Ortego Gold Capsules For Women: Ideal combination of 14 Precious herbs to Boost Power, Stamina & Enthusiasms, enhance Libido, regulates Menstrual
cycle, Treats lethargy, Sexual weakness, Stress, hair fall, wrinkles, Premature Ageing, Infertility, maintain Tightness of vaginal walls.   
       * Shilajit Shudh- Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and has a positive impact on the reproductive health of women. It improves the flow of oxygen and                  nutrients to the reproductive organs, preventing age related skin problems in women like wrinkles
        * Ashwagandha- Helps to maintain the balance of the reproductive hormones and play important role in the treatment of female infertility. treats weakness,                 and Enhances Sexual Desire in women.
        * Jaiphal- it's known as 'Viagra for women', works as an aphrodisiac and helps to spice up sex life significantly.
        * Kounch Beej- Revitalise female reproductive system. Stress buster, enhances energy & ovulation.
       * Akar Kara- Improves reproductive health, also treats infertility in women.
        * Gokharu- Helps in management of ovarian health and supports ovulation and fertility, improve libido in women, boosts energy and vitality
        * Manjuphal- Used for treating ladies suffering from general debility, lethargy, and diminished sexual desire
        * Ashoka- Uterine tonic to treat menstrual disorders  
       * Lodhra- It stimulates and increases the reproductive hormones to help treatment of inflammation of the uterus.
        * Vidari Kand- Treats sexual weakness and improves sexual health, resolves infertility problems in females.
       *Tulsi Beej- Normalise the menstrual cycle if the patient has light periods with a little blood flow.
        * Swarn Vang-  Beneficial in diseases of female reproductive system
        * Musli- Powerfull Antioxidant, helps in controlling hair fall, Heavy Bleeding During Menstruation and Gynecological problems like leucorrhoea                
           and Female Infertility.
        * Shatavar- Enriched with Antioxidants and Micro-nutrients that Prevent ageing effects, Boost Energy, Helps to Regulate sexual behavior & increase                         
   Libido power in females.
    * (B) Healthy Nari Sy : An Ideal Uterine Tonic & Health Restorative for Complete Female Health & Beauty. Treats Menstrual Irregularities, Abdominal                        Cramps, Pelvic Pain, Treats Anaemia, General weakness, Backaches, White or Yellow Discharge, Purify Blood to Provide Glowing and Beautiful Skin etc.
                  - Menstrual Irregularities, Excessive Bleeding
                  - Corrects Hormonal Imbalance, Dysmenorrhea,
                  - Regularise Menstruation, Treats Menstrual Cramps
                  - Treats weakness & give Ideal Weight
                  - Treats Anaemia, Improves Haemoglobin Level
                 - Treats Urine Problems, Itching around Vagina
                 - Helps to Treat stomach related Problems also.  


Dosage:  ( Direction For Use) :

Ortego Gold Capsules for Women:   1 capsule Twice a day  with Milk / Juice / Water.

Healthy Nari Sy:  2 Teaspoonfull (10-15 ml) Twice a Day.

2021-02-15 09:14:09

I bought it for my wife, satisfactory result , feel change in her mood..... now life is going smooth, Thanks Divyaveda

2021-02-15 09:22:27

Effective for my wife,she feel now energetic and have relax mood ............want to repeat the one month dose again, please give opinion

2021-02-15 09:22:58

Effective for my wife,she feel now energetic and have relax mood ............want to repeat the one month dose again, please give opinion

2021-02-18 10:21:36

amazing result and trust worthy, thanks to make my life active and joyful

2021-02-19 22:50:01

It was like aaha moment for me and my husband, whenever we saw the advertisement for this product and decided to order a kit, it really saves my married life, and i feel more energetic and enjoying our Night life. Thanks

2021-03-15 23:07:41

love this products.....really amazing result

2021-03-19 21:40:46

It works effectively, with good result, I m feeling more energetic and fit now. Thank you

2021-05-04 11:28:01

superb result, i bought it for my wife, now she feels more energetic and active

2021-10-04 04:51:56

Badhiya Product, acchi response... hu la la performance, my wife is very happy and active now.

2022-01-24 17:00:55


2022-06-15 17:33:07

Excellent post. I am experiencing a few of these issues as well.. donate for ukraine

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