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Divyaveda Leucorrhea Kit is a Boon of Ayurveda, It is a most effective collection of herbal formulations, very much recommended by Doctors in Preventing or Treating Leucorrhea. These Herbal formulation contains most Vital herbs like Lodhra, Ashoka, Lajwanti, Supari, swarn makshik Bhasm, Majuphal, Ashwagandha, Swarn vang bhashm etc. All these herbs are known for their support in Gynaecological Problems as well as Leucorrhea. 

                  Leucorrhea is also known as White Discharge, it is defined as the condition where a thick and sticky discharge release from the vagina of a women. Divyaveda Leucorrhea Kit  is the Best medicine for White Discharge. This combination helps to treat efficiency and immune power by natural way. It helps to control the Urinary Tract Infection, Removes Bad Odour of Vagina, and to Stimulate the Hormones and Balance the Body function. It helps to makes the Vagina Healthy and Treat Irregular, Prolonged and Painful Menstruation, also helps to tone the Uterus and the Vaginal wall and control white discharge. It is an Ayurvedic formulation to fight against Bacteria and so useful in Leucorrhea and Pelvic Inflammatory Problems. 

ल्यूकोरिया का भरोसेमंद इलाज


 Divyaveda Leucorrhea Treatment Kit Contains:  

     (A)       (A) Lucoamrit Capsules- 3 Boxes of 30 Capsules (90 Capsules)
       (B) Healthy Nari Sy- 2 Ph of 225ml 
       (C) Ortego Gold Capsules for Women- 3 strips of 10 Capsules (30 Capsules) 
 * (A) Lucoamrit Capsules: Trusted and Tested Ayurvedic medicine, contains Precious Herbs like Ashoka, Lodhara, Lajwanti, Shukti Bhasm, Supari, Kukkatawandak Bhasm etc, to treat Leucorrhea effectively, It stimulates the Hormones and balances the body functions, Prevents white discharge and other Gynaecological Problems.
*Treats Leucorrhea, white or yellow Discharge
Regulates Bleeding, cures Vaginal Irritation
* Treats Bacterial Infections, Ensures Overall Health
Removes bad Odour, Treats UTI

* (B) Healthy Nari Sy: is an Ideal Uterine Tonic & Health Restorative for Complete female health & Beauty. treats Menstrual Irregularities, Abdominal Cramps, Pelvic Pain, Treats Anemia, General weakness, Backaches, White or Yellow Discharge, Purify Blood to provide Glowing and Beautiful Skin etc.
Menstrual Irregularities, Excessive Bleeding
Corrects Hormonal Imbalance, Dysmenorrhea,
Regularize Menstruation, Treats Menstrual Cramps
Leucorrhoea, White or Yellow Discharge
Treats weakness & give Ideal Weight
* Treats Anemia, Improves Hemoglobin Level
Treats Urine Problems, Itching around Vagina
Improves Digestion & Treats Gastro-intestinal problems.
 * (C) Ortego Gold Capsules for Women- An unique herbal supplement for Ultimate women health , contains 14 natural medicinal minerals &  herbs like Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Manjuphal, Ashok, Lodhra, SwarnVang, etc. recommended by Doctors for regular use, it enhance stamina & energy for a healthy & happy life, treats weakness associated with Leucorrhea and supports overall treatment of Leucorrhea, treats Lethargicness and Boost Energy level.
     * Removes physical and mental exhaustion, enhances Stamina, Enthusiasm and pleasure in the women of any age.
     * It is very useful in stressful conditions, removes fatigue and helps to energies and build up stamina & confidence.
     *  has essential elements like Al, Co, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mg. etc., which plays vital role in our Body for increasing strength, Memory, Vigor and Vitality.      
     *  Supports treatment of Leucorrhea 


Dose ( How to Use) :
Lucoamrit  Cap- 1 Caps in the Morning, 2 Capsules in Night after meal with Water / Milk.
Healthy Nari Sy- 2 Teaspoonfull (10-15 ml) Twice a Day.
Ortego Gold Cap for Women - 1 Caps at Bedtime with Water / Milk.

2021-02-02 07:39:28

Best Product, accha kam kiya mere problem me

2021-02-02 07:42:46

Best Product, accha kam kiya mere problem me

2021-03-12 13:23:50

Got result , best wishes and recommend

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