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  • Divyaveda Healthy Nari Syrup ( Pack of 2 Ph of 225ml )

  Divyaveda Healthy Nari Sy:
                      An Ideal Uterine Tonic for Menstrual Irregularities, Abdominal Cramps, Pelvic Pain, Treats Anaemia, General weakness, Backaches, White or Yellow Discharge, Purify Blood to provide Glowing and Beautiful Skin etc.
                       Divyaveda Healthy Nari  is a Complete Feminine Herbal Formulation which bring out Best of Femininity, as it takes care of various Gynecological complications. It therefore a Great Moral Booster both Physically & Psychological Depressed Female.
   स्त्रियों के सम्पूर्ण स्वास्थ्य एवं सौंदर्य के लिए एक उत्तम औषधि
       महिलाओं का भरोसेमंद साथी


Divyaveda Healthy Nari Sy Contains: Ashoka, Ashwagandha, Lodhra, Arjun, Aawala, Rasout, Kuth, Alovera, Vidarkand, Giloy, Bala, Shatavar, Dashmool, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Ajwain, Sugar base- q.s.

* Ashoka- Tones the Uterus, easing Heavy Menstrual Flow & Relieving Discomfort, Help to Regulate the Menstrual Cycle, Stimulate the Uterus to Normalise Menstrual flow
* Lodhara- Natural Tonic, used to manage Heavy Menstrual Bleeding. It has Astringent and thermostatic properties. It constricts the blood vessels and controls bleeding
* Ashwagandha- Excellent tonic to the uterine muscles. Used in Menstrual Imbalance caused by a deficient condition with Aggravation of vata & uterine spasms, dysmenorrhoea, weakness etc. 
* Aawala-  Helps to tone up the uterus & cleaning the Uterus, Increase milk production in women, inhibits pitta and thus helps in getting relief from all the skin disorders caused by pitta
* Rasout- Takes care of various Gynaecological complications, Great Moral Booster both Physically & Psychological Depressed Female.
* Kuth-  Helps to Improve Digestion by Preventing the Growth of Bacteria in the large intestine due to its Antimicrobial and Antibacterial properties
* Aloevera-  Largely used as a Remedy in various affections of the uterus especially as an Uterine haemostatic in Menorrhagia, Uterine fibroid etc. Aloes compound from Aloe Vera was found to be beneficial in cases of functional Sterility and disturbed Menstrual function
* Vidarikand- Resolves various Problems like Uterus weakness, Menstrual disorders, Menopause Syndrome etc. Controls heavy Bleeding during Menstruation, Skin rejuvenation, Pain & Inflamation.
* Giloy- Giloy is a wonderful herb that offers several Health Benefits. It is used to treat skin and liver related diseases
* Bala- used in Female Infertility, serves as a good Uterine Tonic.It possesses strong diuretic properties; hence, it helps in Cystitis and Rejuvenates the urinary system.
* Shatavar- The Female-friendly herb, Helpful in menstrual disorders and acts as a Uterine tonic. It enhances breast development and increases breast milk production by regulating hormonal balance
* Dashmool-  is an effective Uterine tonic and detoxifier, a boon for Uterine Disorders, and other diseases like Atherosclerosis, Fatigue, Parkinson's, Gout, and Paralysis. It flushes toxins out of your body, boosting your Immune System 
* Haritaki- Antipyretic, Aphrodisiac, Antihelminthic and cardiac tonic. Regulates functioning of the reproductive system and also cleans the uterine cavities.
* Ajwain- Helps in Relief from Acidity, Constipation, Kidney Disorders, Viral infections etc, It helps in cleaning the uterus and increase milk production, inhibits pitta and thus helps in getting relief from all the skin disorders.


 2-3 Teaspoonfuls Twice Daily,  For full Benefits and Long Lasting Results use at Least for 2 Months.

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